Trading is like golfing.

Hale Irwin is considered to be the greatest player in Champions Tour history. A trader can learn a lot from legendary icons like Irwin because trading is much like a sport. There are winners and losers in the market just like there are winners and losers in golf, tennis, basketball, etc. One of the great things I admire about Hale Irwin is his mental attitude towards his craft. Here are some great nuggets of wisdom from Irwin that can be applied to trading.

Be a great manager of yourself and a manager of the course.

  1. Know who you are.
  2. Know your game.
  3. Play within yourself.
  4. Believe in yourself.

Never think about being the best -its about the challenge to try to be the best.

You can learn a lot from legendary icons and apply it to anything in your everyday life. To become a better trader, focus on trading. The passion and commitment to trading is what's important.

  1. Know what type of trader you are.
  2. Look for your setups.
  3. Manage your trades well.
  4. Believe that your hard work will pay off.
Be consistent and disciplined to your trading rules and the money will follow.

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